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An entire customer finance system rolled in to just one text message?

What we do.

We've made a turn-key customer finance system to make your business and customers very happy. 

One text message gives your customer multiple financing options. More options means more chances your customer is approved for financing and more chances for your customer to agree. 

  1. Maximize revenue from existing customers. 
  2. Convert more "no" to "yes!" 
  3. Sell to more customers for more money per customer.   

Non-recourse customer finance.

Non-recourse means "Your money is YOUR money.

 If your customer stops making their monthly payments then YOU are not responsible and you keep the full payment you've already received. It's YOUR money!

Simple, flat pricing.

Many businesses that offer limited financing have become accustomed to paying certain fees: 

1. Monthly minimums.

2. Monthly administrative fees

3. Discount rates

4. Reserve percentages

VMCPayments charges NONE of these.

Just one simple flat fee per customer is all you'll ever pay!  

You sell. We pay. Let's be partners

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